I’ve been living in Cluj, Romania, for more than 8 years – I can almost say that now is my home. In a couple of words, I’m passionate by everything that offers me freedom – freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom to be me. That’s why I love photography, psychology, travel and the state of flow.

My style in photography is intimate, authentic, moody. Intimate because it reveals a hidden, more personal side, in a cozy light. Authentic because each of us has a unique set of personality traits and the photographic concepts are based on these characteristics. Moody because the colors are more desaturated, in shades of brown, trying to express an emotion of safety, of closeness – is that feeling you get when your skin touches the skin of a loved one – you feel warmth, closeness, but at the same time this moment reveals other desires.

I love to combine in one photography the woman’s sensuality with her personality. Some women are more gentle, shy, but still with a hidden side that they do not overlook, and this transpires in photography. That’s why I want to Reveal the Hidden You – to highlight a less visible side, a confident and sensual one.

Cristina Vâjâean